The Rock-Triple H

The Rock vs Triple H

It is well documented that both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Triple H have created huge legacies for themselves. Their rise to fame started in 1997 when The Rock joined the Nation of Domination and Triple H joined D-Generation X. In 1998, both men eventually became the leaders of their two respective factions and the two factions waged war against each other. DX were the heroes and The Nation were the villains. Eventually, The Nation ceased to exist and The Rock became a hero for awhile; until he joined forces with WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon’s villainous faction, The Corporation. In 1999, Triple H turned his back on DX and joined The Corporation himself. Not too long after that, The Corporation turned their backs on The Rock. Thus, The Rock became a hero once again. From that point on, I think it was clear that The Rock was going to be the beloved hero and Triple H was going to the despised villain in what would go on to become one of the most memorable rivalries of all-time. Throughout most of 2000, these two men spent their time feuding with one another. This is when both men’s legacies were cemented.


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