Apron – The surface area of the wrestling ring that runs around the area just outside the ropes of the ring. It is the hardest surface portion of the wrestling ring.

Countout – When a wrestler is outside of the ring during a match, the referee gives him/her until the count of 10 (except in ROH, the count of 20) to get back into the ring or else he or she is counted out. The one who is counted out loses or if both wrestlers are counted out, then the match ends in a draw.

Face (a.k.a. Babyface) – Good guy (gal)

Fatal Four Way Match – When four men/women compete in a match at the same time. There are no countouts or disqualifications, the first man/woman to gain a pinfall/submission is declared the winner.

Heel – Bad guy (gal)

Pinfall – When both of a wrestler’s shoulders are pinned to the mat and the referee counts 1-2-3 to end the match.

Submission – When a wrestler applies a submission hold to his/her opponent. If the opponent taps, says that they have had enough or passes out from the hold, then the match is over.

ROH – Ring of Honor Entertainment, LLC is a privately run company based in Bristol, PA.

Royal Rumble Match – A special event match held once per year, usually in January, where up to 30 wrestlers compete. Both numbers 1 and 2 start the match, then another wrestler enters the ring every 90 seconds. Wrestlers are eliminated by being thrown out of the ring over the top rope. Both feet must touch the floor. The last wrestler in the ring after all others have been eliminated is the winner.

Tag Team – When two men/women or one man and one woman team together in a wrestling match.

TLC Match – Tables, ladders and chairs

IMPACT Wrestling – IMPACT Wrestling, a privately run company based in Nashville, TN. Run by Anthem Sports & Entertainment. IMPACT Wrestling runs its signature weekly show, IMPACT Wrestling, along with several other Pay-Per-View events throughout the year.

Triple Threat Match – When three men/women compete against one another in a wrestling match. There are no countouts or no disqualifications, the first man/woman to gain a pinfall/submission is declared the winner.

WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment Company headquartered in Stamford, CT. Run by WWE Chairman & CEO Vincent K. McMahon, WWE is the company behind the shows Raw, SmackDown Live, Main Event, NXT (WWE’s Developmental System). WWE also runs a Pay-Per-View event or two each month; most notably, Royal Rumble in January, WrestleMania in March or April, SummerSlam in August, and Survivor Series in November. For more information on WWE click on: WWE Info.

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