WWE Main Event 5-1-13: Kofi Kingston Retains Championship, But Loses Some of His Hair

I was in attendance at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan for this edition of Main Event. In the first match, former United States Champion Antonio Cesaro invoked his rematch clause against the man who beat him for the championship, Kofi Kingston. It was back-and-forth action between the two, but in the end, Kofi beat Cesaro to retain his championship. After the match, Matt Striker interviewed Kofi; Kofi revealed that last week, his wife gave birth to their first son. A few minutes later, as Kofi is walking backstage, he gets jumped by Cesaro in brutal fashion. Then, Cesaro shocks everybody by actually ripping some Kofi’s hair right off his head before walking off. Finally, in the main event, Justin Gabriel goes one-on-one with his former WWE Tag Team Championship partner and leader of 3Mb Heath Slater (accompanied by fellow 3MB cohorts Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal). At one point in the match, the referee ejects McIntyre & Mahal from ringside after they attempted to interfere. In the end, just Gabriel hits Slater with his signature maneuver “The 450 Splash” to get the victory and end the program.


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