Best Theme Music in Wrestling History

Stone Cold Steve Austin

There are many Superstars throughout the history of wrestling. There are many things that make a Superstar. For example, there are the wrestling moves and the wrestling gear, but one of the most important things that really make a Superstar stand out is the theme music that they use to enter the arena before their matches. Below is the list of theme music that I personally feel is some of the best of all time. Some themes might include numerous ones by a single Superstar, some might sound similar and some might have been used by more than one Superstar. Readers can feel free to suggest any theme music in the comments section and if I agree with you, then I will add that theme to the list.


Alex Riley




Bo Dallas


The Boogeyman


Booker T


The Nexus


Bret Hart


Bret Hart


Bret Hart


The nWo


Davey Boy Smith


Brock Lesnar


Tons of Funk


Brutus Beefcake


The Dudley Boyz


Team 3D


Chris Jericho


CM Punk


CM Punk




Nation of Domination


Daniel Bryan


David Otunga


Dean Ambrose




Diamond Dallas Page


Doink the Clown


Dolph Ziggler


Dusty Rhodes


The Rock


The Rock


Eddie Guerrero




Erick Rowan


Evan Bourne


Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young


The Four Horsemen


The Four Horsemen






The Great Khali


The Great Muta


Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Hideo Itami


Honky Tonk Man




The Hurricane


Hurricane Helms


3 Count


Jake “The Snake” Roberts




Jeff Hardy




The Hardys


Jeff Jarrett


Jerry Lawler


The Usos


Jim Ross


John Cena


John Cena


Justin Gabriel


PJ Black






Kelly Kelly


Ken Shamrock


nWo Wolfpac


Kevin Steen


Kofi Kingston


Kurt Angle


Kurt Angle




Lex Luger




The Rockers


Matt Hardy


Mick Foley


Mick Foley


“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase


Mr. McMahon








Austin Aries


Bobby Roode


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