The Rock vs. Randy Orton

The Rock vs. Randy Orton

The Rock and Randy Orton are arguably the two most successful third generation superstars in WWE history. They have done/accomplished similar things throughout their storied careers.  Both men’s careers really started to take off when they joined two of wrestling’s most dominant factions, respectively. The Rock joined the Nation of Domination and Randy Orton joined Evolution. Both men eventually became the leaders of two respective factions. The Rock took over as leader of The Nation and Randy Orton started his own faction called Legacy. Both men have become two of the youngest world champions in history. The Rock became the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion in history at age 26, but since then it has been surpassed by Brock Lesnar at age 25. Randy Orton became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history at age 24 and has yet to be surpassed. Both men have appeared in movies as well. They have also inducted their two respective fathers into the WWE Hall of Fame. While these two have faced each other in a 3-on-2 Tag Team Match, they have yet to go one-on-one. Who do you think would win?…

No More Heel Commentators

A commentator’s job is to provide energy and excitement for the fans so they can
enjoy the show. It is also a commentator’s job to provide the fans with news
updates and facts about the sport and its athletes. These are the types of
things commentators are supposed to be doing. Fortunately, there have been, and
still are today, commentators like that. However, there have been, and still
are today, commentators that are doing things that are the opposite of the
fans’ enjoyment and excitement. These commentators are antagonizing, sniveling;
they argue with, as well as taunt, their broadcast partners, they taunt the
wrestlers, they taunt the fans, they make up stories in an attempt to make the
heels seem like good guys and the faces seem like bad guys, they rant off while
there’s a match going on, they cut their broadcast partners off while they’re
trying to say something, among other things. Basically, they’re trying to make
the entire show all about themselves. These types of commentators disrupt the
show and don’t make it exciting and enjoyable for the fans at all. Current heel
commentators include JBL in WWE, Taz in TNA, Michael Titus in TNA’s
developmental Territory …

When Will Zack Ryder Have Another Singles Championship Reign?

In late 2011, the entire WWE Universe was rallying for Zack Ryder to get a shot at the United States Championship. It all eventually paid off when Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler for the championship at the final pay-per-view of 2011. He went into the year 2012 as United States Champion; however, he began to have a downward spiral at the hands of Kane, who ended up injuring him. One week later, he has his first championship defense against Jack Swagger. Prior to the match, it was not clear whether or not Zack Ryder was medically cleared to compete that night. Regardless, Zack Ryder went out there and fought like a true champion. Unfortunately, his injury was too much for him to overcome and ends up losing the championship to Swagger. Later that night, then Interim Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis revealed to Ryder that he received an envelope containing information that he was not medically cleared to compete. Laurinaitis claimed that he got the information a little too late, but a lot of people are convinced that he intentionally kept the information from Ryder. Zack Ryder has not held a major singles championship ever since. After such a travesty like …