My Hopes for TNA in 2015

Taryn Terrell Knockouts Champions

  1. Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III finally go one-on-one.
  2. Taryn Terrell holds the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship for at least most of the year.
  3. The Hardys win the TNA World Tag Team Championship for the first time ever.
  4. Kurt Angle gets back in the ring.
  5. Gail Kim goes into the TNA Hall of Fame.
  6. Lashley finally leaves MVP & Kenny King.
  7. Gunner finally becomes TNA World Heavyweight Champion.
  8. HAVOK suffers her first pinfall/submission loss in TNA.
  9. Rhino returns.
  10. Low Ki wins the one championship from TNA that has eluded him, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

MVP Arrives In TNA in A Big Way


For the last couple of weeks, people were talking about there being a new TNA investor. The first impact that the investor made was signing two of wrestling’s hottest free agents to TNA contracts, former ROH Superstars The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards). TNA President Dixie Carter was informed of this by The Wolves themselves. Dixie Carter is the corrupt boss of TNA who has been throwing her weight around for the past four months, so her anxiety definitely went up after hearing the news of the new investor. One week after being signed, The Wolves announced that the identity of the new investor would be revealed the following week. This past Thursday on Impact Wrestling, the new investor was revealed to be none other than former WWE Superstar MVP. Based on the fair, as well as popular, decisions that MVP has been making thus far, I think it is pretty clear that he has come to TNA to put a stop to Dixie’s reign of terror. About a decade ago, MVP had a brief run in TNA under the name Antonio Banks before making an impact in WWE as MVP. Now that he is back in TNA as …