The Hardys vs. The Usos

The Hardys vs. The Usos

The Hardys (Matt & Jeff) and The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) are not only two of WWE’s greatest brother tag teams in WWE history, but in all of wrestling history as well. The Hardys are multiple-time World Tag Team Champions and The Usos are 2-time WWE Tag Team Champions. These are the two hottest brother tag teams of their respective eras. What if the greatest brother tag team of yesterday taking on the greatest brother tag team of today became a reality? If so, which team do you think would come out victorious?…

My Hopes for TNA in 2015

Taryn Terrell Knockouts Champions

  1. Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III finally go one-on-one.
  2. Taryn Terrell holds the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship for at least most of the year.
  3. The Hardys win the TNA World Tag Team Championship for the first time ever.
  4. Kurt Angle gets back in the ring.
  5. Gail Kim goes into the TNA Hall of Fame.
  6. Lashley finally leaves MVP & Kenny King.
  7. Gunner finally becomes TNA World Heavyweight Champion.
  8. HAVOK suffers her first pinfall/submission loss in TNA.
  9. Rhino returns.
  10. Low Ki wins the one championship from TNA that has eluded him, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

MVP Arrives In TNA in A Big Way


For the last couple of weeks, people were talking about there being a new TNA investor. The first impact that the investor made was signing two of wrestling’s hottest free agents to TNA contracts, former ROH Superstars The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards). TNA President Dixie Carter was informed of this by The Wolves themselves. Dixie Carter is the corrupt boss of TNA who has been throwing her weight around for the past four months, so her anxiety definitely went up after hearing the news of the new investor. One week after being signed, The Wolves announced that the identity of the new investor would be revealed the following week. This past Thursday on Impact Wrestling, the new investor was revealed to be none other than former WWE Superstar MVP. Based on the fair, as well as popular, decisions that MVP has been making thus far, I think it is pretty clear that he has come to TNA to put a stop to Dixie’s reign of terror. About a decade ago, MVP had a brief run in TNA under the name Antonio Banks before making an impact in WWE as MVP. Now that he is back in TNA as …

Impact Wrestling 6-13-13: Who is the New Main Event Mafia?

The show began with General Manager Hulk Hogan telling everybody that after what had happened at the end of last week’s Impact Wrestling, Hulk gave her daughter and Knockouts Executive Brooke Hogan the night off. Hulk then went on to discuss the Bound For Glory Series; he announced that both Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode had automatically been entered into the series, who both come out to the ring. The three men are then interrupted by Aces & Eights. TNA World Heavyweight Champion, President of The Aces & Eights, and Hulk’s estranged son-in-law Bully Ray, brings up the fact that not one member of Aces & Eights is entered into the Bound For Glory Series. Hulk then tells Bully that one member of Aces & Eights will end up qualifying by winning a Battle Royal that features only members of Aces & Eights later on in the show. Hulk also announced that next week on Impact Wrestling, it will be Open Fight Night, which allows anybody on the TNA roster to call out anybody and that person is required to fight. Hulk then said that the TNA Fans will get to vote on whether Jeff Hardy or Bobby Roode get …

Impact Wrestling 6-6-13: Who Was Brooke Hogan Trying to Save?

On this edition of Impact Wrestling, there were two Bound For Glory Series Qualifying Matches. The first match was between tag team partners Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and Shawn Hernandez with Hernandez coming out on top and earning the right to qualify. After the match, although Chavo seemed to show some frustration, he and Hernandez embraced in a display of sportsmanship. The second qualifying match was between Samoa Joe and Robbie E with Joe coming out on top and earning the right to qualify. Also, backstage, Velvet Sky and TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Mickie James had an encounter. Mickie came up with an excuse for not coming to Velvet’s aid the previous week on Impact Wrestling, as well as an excuse not to grant Velvet her rematch for the championship. After seeing all of that transpire, there is no doubt in my mind that Mickie has turned heel. She proved that even more in her match she had later on with fellow heel Taeler Hendrix when Mickie feigned a knee injury to get the victory. I am, quite frankly, shocked that Mickie would turn her back on her fans. Also, it was the TNA debut of current MMA fighter and TNA’s …

TNA Slammiversary XI: New Champions, Kurt Angle Hall of Fame Bound, Bully Ray Retains World Championship

Slammiversary XI marked the 11th anniversary of TNA. New champions were crowned, the TNA Hall of Fame 2013 Inductee was revealed, and one champion retained his championship. In a 3-Way Ultimate X Match, Kenny King defended his X Division Championship against both Chris Sabin and Suicide. In the end, it was Sabin who climbed across the X-shaped ropes above the wrestling ring to grab the championship belt and become the new X Division Champion. Just like last year, the X Division Champion will get to trade in his championship in exchange for an opportunity at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at the upcoming Pay-Per-View event, Destination X. Austin Aries was successful last year, can Sabin be just as successful? In a 6-Man Tag Team Match, the team of Samoa Joe, Brutus Magnus, and the returning Jeff Hardy defeated Aces & Eights members Ken Anderson, Garett Bischoff, & Wes Brisco. Also, in the Gut Check tournament final, Jay Bradley defeated Sam Shaw to earn a spot in the upcoming Bound For Glory Series, which will determine who will challenge for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at TNA’s biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory IX this year. Also, Aces & …

Impact Wrestling 5-30-13: Jeff Hardy Returns At Slammiversary

On the final edition of Impact Wrestling before the upcoming Slammiversary Pay-Per-View event, at the beginning of the show, it appeared that Aces & Eightsh had turned on D’Lo Brown, thus turning D’Lo face. Also, after Aces & Eights members D.O.C. and Wes Brisco interfered in the match between fellow Aces & Eights cohort Garett Bischoff’s and Samoa Joe’s match, thus giving Joe the win by disqualification, Joe’s tag team partner Brutus Magnus came to his aid and both men cleared the ring of Aces & Eights. Afterwards, Joe announced that at Slammiversary, it would be Aces & Eights members D.O.C., Bischoff, & Brisco against Joe, Magnus, and the returning Jeff Hardy. Also, during new TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Mickie James’ championship celebration, she told the TNA Fans that there have been a lot of people questioning the way she won the championship from Velvet Sky the previous week on Impact Wrestling when she targeted Velvet’s injured knee. Mickie then asked Velvet to come out so that she could clear the air. After Velvet came out, Velvet said that everything was cool between them and that she wants her rematch for the championship. Mickie responded by saying that she would …

Impact Wrestling 4-11-13: Bully Ray Retains, Jeff Hardy Injured

The show began with TNA World Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode & Austin Aries defending against Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match and if Chavo & Hernandez lost, they could never team together again in TNA. The champs jumped their challengers before the match even started. Once the match started, the champs were able to get the easy first fall. Fortunately, Chavo was able to rally back and get the second fall for his team. In the end, the third and final fall went to Chavo & Hernandez, thus becoming the new champions and remaining a team. Also, Joseph Park attempted to use his legal actions as a lawyer to present a marriage annulment for Knockouts Executive Brooke Hogan and her estranged husband TNA World Heavyweight Champion and President of Aces & Eights Bully Ray. However, TNA Television Champion and Aces & Eights member Devon came out and tore up the marriage annulment, advised Joseph not to get involved in the Aces & Eights family business, and knocked out Joseph with a chain. Also, Brooke Hogan informed Joey Ryan that she was disgusted by his actions as Knockouts Referee last week and that he not only has …

Impact Wrestling 4-11-13: What will AJ Styles’ Decision Be?

Tomorrow night on Impact Wrestling, TNA World Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode & Austin Aries will defend against Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match and if Chavo & Hernandez lose, they can never team together again in TNA. Also, Taryn Terrell will go one-on-one with Gail Kim. We will also find out the fates of the two recent “Gut Check” contestants, Adam Pearce and Magno. One will be eliminated and one will go on to get an opportunity to earn a TNA Contract. Whomever it may be, he needs to get at least to “Yeses” from the “Gut Check” Judges to get the contract. Also, AJ Styles has had one week to decide whether he stands with Aces & Eights or with TNA. What will AJ’s decision be? Finally, in the main event, it will be TNA World Heavyweight Champion and President of Aces & Eights Bully Ray defending against Jeff Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem Match. Tune in tomorrow night at 8/7ct on Spike.…

Impact Wrestling 4-4-13: Aces & Eights Gain and Lose

The program began with Aces & Eights coming to the ring to address the TNA Fans. TNA Television Champion Devon announced that he had an envelope in his hand that contained something that would change the relationship between TNA World Heavyweight Champion and President of Aces & Eights Bully Ray and his estranged wife Knockout Executive Brooke Hogan. Then, the VP of Aces & Eights D’Lo Brown announced that he was handed a notice from TNA Management that he had been fired from TNA. Despite that, he was at the arena for the rest of the show. I’m guessing that Aces & Eights invited him to the arena last night. Also, Joey Ryan offered Brooke Hogan to have him be Taryn Terrell’s replacement as the Knockouts Referee. Brooke reluctantly agreed, but warned Joey not to touch any of the knockouts in any way. Then, Joey officiated his very first match involving the knockouts (and, as far as I know, his very first match in general) when TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Velvet Sky teamed up with Taryn Terrell to take on the team of Gail Kim and Tara. Not only did Joey disobey Brooke Hogan’s warning by touching the knockouts, but …

Impact Wrestling 3-28-13: The Issues Continue

It was Open Fight Night on this edition of Impact Wrestling, meaning that anyone could call anyone out and that person would have to answer. Right before Jeff Hardy could call someone out, he was interrupted by Aces & Eights. Then, Aces & Eights member Mr. Anderson started to talk smack to Hardy, which led to physicality between Aces & Eights and members of the TNA locker room. After the dust had settled, Jeff Hardy had challenged Anderson to a match later on in the main event. Speaking of Jeff Hardy, General Manager Hulk Hogan told Hardy that he could choose the stipulation for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match when Hardy challenges champion and President of Aces & Eights Bully Ray in two weeks on Impact Wrestling. Also, Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez called out Bad Influnce and annouced that Hulk Hogan said that whichever team got the win would be the #1 contenders to TNA World Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode & Austin Aries. Chavo & Hernandez got the win, thus becoming the #1 contenders. Also, after security prevented TNA Hall of Famer Sting from entering Hogan’s office, Sting decided to call out Hogan. Hogan answered the challenge and …

Impact Wrestling 3-21-13: Bully Ray Reveals All

On this edition of Impact Wrestling, TNA World Heavyweight Champion and President of Aces & Eights Bully Ray told the whole story behind his 9-month plan to get to where he is right now. Basically, it was all about manipulating the people he used and brainwashing his fellow Aces & Eights members. Also, General Manager Hulk Hogan said that he felt there were four guys in the TNA locker room that really stepped up against Aces & Eights last week and he had them come out to the ring. These four guys were Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and Magnus. After they were all in the ring, Jeff Hardy proposed an idea to Hogan. That idea was that Hogan put Joe, Angle, Magnus, and Hardy himself in a fatal 4-way match to determine the #1 contender to Bully Ray’s championship and Hulk agreed. Jeff Hardy ended up emerging victorious, thus becoming the #1 contender. Also, a few new twists have been added to the X Division. These twists are that the new weight limit is 230lbs., that every X Division Championship match will now be a triple threat match, that whichever competitor in that match ends up getting pinned …

TNA Live Event In Westbury, New York

On Friday April 5, 2013, a TNA Live Event will take place in Westbury, New York. The matches are scheduled as followed:

TNA Hall of Famer Sting and Jeff Hardy vs. Aces & Eights members TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray & Devon with General Manager Hulk Hogan naming the stipulation of the match in the main event

James Storm vs. TNA World Tag Team Champion Bobby Roode in a New York Street Fight

Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels

TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim (I don’t know if the championship will be on the line.)

Kurt Angle vs. Aces & Eights member Wes Brisco

Joseph Park vs. Robbie E

(Card Subject to Change)…

TNA Lockdown 2013 Review

In the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship match, Velvet Sky beat Gail Kim to retain her championship, but not without controversy. At one point in the match, Gail Kim began to argue with Knockouts Referee Taryn Terrell about a pinfall. When Gail continued to shove and berate Taryn, Taryn finally got fed up and took Gail down with a spear. This allowed Velvet to hit In Yo Face (her finishing move) on Gail to get the pin and the win. Now, as far as the controversy, it was Gail who got physical with Taryn first. Therefore, Taryn didn’t screw Gail, Velvet certainly didn’t screw Gail, Gail screwed Gail. In other action, Wes Brisco beat Kurt Angle in a Steel Cage Match with some assistance from fellow Aces & Eights member VP of Aces & Eights D’Lo Brown. As for Lethal Lockdown, Team TNA emerged victorious in a hard-fought battle against Aces & Eights. In the main event, Jeff Hardy put his TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Bully Ray in a Steel Cage Match. With his wife Knockouts VP Brooke Hogan and his father-in-law General Manager Hulk Hogan sitting at ringside, they were both shocked to witness Bully Ray …