NXT Alums Who Went on to Hold Major Championships


When WWE NXT first started, it involved pros from the main roster mentoring NXT rookies. Eventually, WWE decided to turn NXT into its developmental system. Since its inception, there are many great Superstars to come out of NXT and up to the main roster and many would go on to hold major championships. Below is the list of both current and former WWE Superstars to come out of NXT and to go on and hold major championships.


AJ Lee – Divas Champion (3x)


Alexa Bliss – Raw Women’s Champion (2x), SmackDown Women’s Champion (2x)


Bad News Barrett – Intercontinental Champion (5x)


Baron Corbin – United States Champion (1x)


Bayley – Raw Women’s Champion (1x)


Becky Lynch – SmackDown Women’s Champion (1x)


Big E – Intercontinental Champion (1x), Raw Tag Team Champion (2x), SmackDown Tag Team Champion (2x)


Bobby Roode – United States Champion (1x)


Bray Wyatt – WWE Champion (1x), SmackDown Tag Team Champion (1x)


The Brian Kendrick – Before NXT – World Tag Team Champion (1x), Raw Tag Team Champion (1x), After NXT – WWE Cruiserweight Champion (1x)


Chad Gable – SmackDown Tag Team Champion (1x)



My Hopes for WWE in 2015


Sting vs. Triple H WrestleMania 31

  1. All the heel commentators get removed (e.g., JBL and Byron Saxton).
  2. The Authority is put out of power once and for all.
  3. Sting vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 31
  4. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and The Undertaker each have a match at WrestleMania.
  5. “Macho Man” Randy Savage goes into the WWE Hall of Fame.
  6. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella walk out of WrestleMania as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Divas Champion, respectively.
  7. The New Day win championships (e.g., Kofi Kingston finally wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship).
  8. Roman Reigns wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
  9. Seth Rollins cashes in his Money in the Bank Contract unsuccessfully.
  10.  Ryback beats Rusev for the United States Championship.
  11.  The Intercontinental and United States Championship become unified.
  12.  NXT Superstars debut on the main roster (e.g., Charlotte, Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Hideo Itami, Finn Balor, Kalisto).
  13.  CM Punk and Kelly Kelly return to WWE.
  14.  Hulk Hogan competes in his final match that he promised.
  15.  JoJo competes in the ring more.
  16.  Erick Rowan wins his first major singles championship.
  17.  Zack Ryder returns from injury and wins either the Intercontinental or United States Championship.
  18.  Tyson Kidd apologizes for mistreating his wife Natalya and turns

NXT Superstars and Divas Who Should Be on WWE’s Main Roster


NXT is WWE’s developmental system. I know that there are many superstars and divas on that roster that have a very bright future in WWE. There are, however, a few particular superstars and divas that have proven themselves worthy of having spots on the main roster. Among these superstars and divas are current NXT Champion Adrian Neville, current NXT Tag Team Champion Kalisto, Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami, Mojo Rawley, Colin Cassady, Enzo Amore, current NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte, Bayley and Alexa Bliss. There have already been some superstars and divas that have come up from NXT and have made a significant impact on WWE’s main roster; such as Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Big E, Xavier Woods, Adam Rose, The Bunny, Emma, JoJo and the list goes on. I honestly feel that all the current NXT superstars and divas mentioned above have proven that they have what it takes to make a significant impact on WWE’s main roster as well.…

WWE NXT 6-26-13: Can The Wyatt Family Be Stopped?


Emma Advances

In the final first-round match of the tournament to determine the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion, Emma went one-on-one with Aksana. In the end, it was Emma who defeated Aksana by submission to advance to the semi-finals. After the match, Emma invited young members of the WWE Universe into the ring to dance with her, which indicates that she has turned face.

The Wyatt Family Continues to Terrorize NXT

In a match to determine the #1 Contenders to Wyatt Family members Luke Harper’s & Erick Rowan’s NXT Tag Team Championships, the team of Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves took on the team of Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan (accompanied by Sylvester Lefort). In the end, it was Graves who won the match for his team by submission to become the new #1 contenders. Immediately following the match, The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, & Erick Rowan) came out to attack Ohno and Graves. Dawson and Dylan eventually joined in on the beat down. Then, Adrian Neville came out to aid Ohno and Graves and eventually, William Regal left the announcers’ table to aid them as well. But in the end, iall four men were left lying in …

WWE NXT 5-29-13: New Championship for NXT

On this edition of NXT, WWE Executive Vice President Stephanie McMahon announced that beginning next week on NXT, there would be a tournament to determine the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion. The participants included in the tournament are Emma, Summer Rae, Paige, and other NXT Divas, as well as, Divas from both Raw and Smackdown. I think this is awesome because I was wondering if they were ever going to make a women’s championship for NXT. Also, in the main event, there was an 18-Man Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to Big E Langston’s NXT Championship. In the end, it was Bo Dallas who eliminated Adrian Neville to win the Battle Royal and become the new #1 Contender.…

WWE NXT 5-15-13: Conor O’Brian Conquers Two Men

On this edition of NXT, Natalya Neidhart went one-on-one with Summer Rae. Towards the end of the match, Paige came out and jumped up on the ring apron. While Natalya was attempting to lock Summer in her signature submission hold “The Sharpshooter”, Summer kicks Natalya away and Natalya inadvertently ends up bumping into Paige, knocking her off the apron. Summer then takes advantage and rolls up Natalya and pins her to get the upset. Summer, however, did not have time to celebrate her victory as Paige was hot on her heels heading backstage. I would like to point out that Summer may have also hooked Natalya’s tights for added leverage while pinning her, but it was hard to tell for sure. Either way, Paige’s presence pretty much cost Natalya the match. Also, backstage, it was revealed that there will be a battle royal next week on NXT to determine the #1 contender to the NXT Championship. Both Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville had revealed to one another that they would be entrants in the battle royal. I would also like to point out that during their interaction backstage, Bo Dallas was kind of acting uncharacteristic; hopefully, Dallas won’t turn his …

WWE NXT 5-8-13: New NXT Tag Team Champions

The show began with Baron Corbin going one-on-one with Damien Sandow. Despite a valiant effort, Corbin was not able to pull off the upset and Sandow was victorious. After the match, Sandow issued an open challenge to NXT Champion Big E Langston for his championship. Later on, the challenge was accepted and Big E will defend against Sandow next week on NXT. While I am not a fan of either one of these guys, I will be rooting against Big E. Also, Paige went one-on-one with Bayley. After Paige defeated Bayley, Summer Rae came out and jumped Paige from behind in a hit-and-run attack. A little later on, while Renee Young was interviewing Natalya Neidhart, Summer Rae interrupts. Natalya then issues an open challenge to Summer for a match next week on NXT, which Summer accepts. Also, Briley Pierce went one-on-one with Mr. Sakamoto. I am not a fan of either one of these guys and wasn’t sure who to root against in this one. In the end, it didn’t really matter because during the match, Conor O’Brian comes out and attacks and lays out both men. Shortly after, during a backstage interview with Renee Young, both Pierce and Sakamoto …

WWE NXT 5-1-13: Chris Jericho Schools Bray Wyatt

The show began with a Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team Match between the team of Bo Dallas and NXT Tag Team Champion Adrian Neville, The Colons (Primo & Epico), and Wyatt Family members Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. The Colons were the first team to be eliminated, then, shortly after, The Wyatt Family eliminates Dallas and Neville to get the victory. Also, after weeks of pent-up frustration boiling over, Paige finally went one-on-one with Summer Rae with Paige getting the victory and some much deserved retribution. Also, NXT Commissioner and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes revealed while he realizes that NXT Tag Team Champion Oliver Grey is currently out with an injury, the NXT Tag Team Championship needs to be defended. Instead of forcing Neville & Grey to relinquish the championships, Dusty has allowed Neville to choose a tag team partner to fill in for Neville until Grey returns. The partner that Neville has chosen is Bo Dallas. Next week on NXT, they will defend the championships against Wyatt Family members Harper & Rowan. Finally, in the main event, Chris Jericho went one-on-one with Bray Wyatt (accompanied by fellow Wyatt Family cohorts Harper & Rowan). The stipulation of this …

WWE NXT 4-24-13: All Champions Retain

The theme for this edition of NXT was “Clash of Champions”. There were four championships on the line. The first match was for the United States Championship. It was announced on the bottom of the NXT screen that this match was taped several weeks ago, meaning that Antonio Cesaro was the champion at the time it was taped, but since then, Kofi Kingston had beaten Cesaro for the championship on Raw. Therefore, we already knew Cesaro was going to retain. As for the match, Cesaro defended against NXT Tag Team Champion Adrian Neville. After back-and-forth action between the two, it was Cesaro who hit Neville with his signature maneuver, the Neutralizer, to get the pin and the win to retain his championship. The next championship match was for the WWE Divas Championship with Kaitlyn defending against former BFF AJ Lee. In the end, Kaitlyn hit AJ with her signature maneuver, the Spear, to get the victory and retain. While AJ may have come up short in this bout, she did win a Divas Battle Royal on Raw this past Monday to earn an opportunity at the Divas Championship, so she will be getting another opportunity at the championship in the …

WWE Raw 4-16-13: New United States Champion, Ryback Turns On His Fans

The show began with a rematch from this past Friday on Smackdown when Randy Orton & Sheamus faced The Big Show in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. Despite Big Show dominating most of the match-up, Orton & Sheamus ended up coming out on top. This was the good news for Sheamus; however, the bad news was that later on in the show during an interview, Mark Henry ambushed Sheamus just like he did this past Friday on Smackdown. What exactly are Henry’s motives for these unprovoked attacks on Sheamus? Also, 3MB (Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, & Jinder Mahal) called out The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, & Roman Reigns), but instead, they got Brock Lesnar, who came out and disposed of 3MB. After Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman came out to calm him down, Heyman then informed WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H that Lesnar has issued a challenge to Triple H for the upcoming WWE Pay-Per-View Event, Extreme Rules. Lesnar has challenged Triple H to a Steel Cage Match. Triple H was late arriving at Raw this past Monday due to the fact that he was getting an MRI done on his injured arm. The good news is that nothing is …

WWE NXT 4-10-13: William Regal Gets Retribution

On this week’s edition of NXT, Tom Phillips and the Assistant To the Raw Managing Supervisor (Vickie Guerrero) Brad Maddox were on commentary and Kendall Skye handled ring announcing duties. The show began with a 6-Man Tag Team Match between the team of Percy Watson, Axl Keegan, and Scott Dawson against The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, & Roman Reigns). I should also point out that both Axl Keegan and Scott Dawson turned face on this edition of NXT. As for the match, The Shield defeated the their opponents, thus remaining undefeated as a trio. After the match, The Shield gave Scott Dawson their patented Triple Powerbomb. Then, Corey Graves appeared on the titantron and issued a challenge to any one of the members of The Shield next week on NXT. Seth Rollins stepped up to the plate and told his cohorts that they could have the night off next week. NXT Commissioner and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes confirmed that the match would be a main event Lumberjack Match next week. While I am not a fan of either Graves nor Rollins, I’m gonna be rooting against Rollins. The second match of the night was between The Funkadactyls …

WWE NXT 4-3-13: Big E Langston Gains Valuable Momentum

The commentary team for this week’s edition of NXT was Tony Dawson, the Assistant to the Raw Managing Supervisor (Vickie Guerrero) Brad Maddox, and Kassius Ohno. The first match of the night was a tag team match between the team of Bo Dallas and NXT Tag Team Champion Adrian Neville against Wyatt Family members Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. It was reported that Adrian Neville’s NXT Tag Team Championship partner Oliver Grey is out of action with an injury and will be out of action for at least 6 months. I’m not sure how many days a championship needs to be defended within, so hopefully they won’t have to relinquish their championships. As for the result of the match, despite interference from the leader of The Wyatt Family Bray Wyatt, Dallas and Neville still managed to pick up the victory. The second match of the night was a Divas Tag Team Match between the team of Paige and Sasha Banks and the team of Summer Rae and Audrey Marie. I guess WWE saw my post from not to long ago suggesting this match between these two teams. As for the match, at one point during the match, Sasha and Summer …

WWE NXT 3-20-13: Oliver Grey Returns

The show began with Justin Gabriel going one-on-one with his former friend, Leo Kruger. Kruger ended up forcing Gabriel to submit. Commentator William Regal called out Kassius Ohno to apologize to him for unprofessionally attacking him the previous week. Instead of excepting the apology, Kassius told Regal that he has no legacy and that he has become a joke. Regal responded with a punch to the face. I have a feeling we might see more between these two. In divas action, Paige went one-on-one with Bayley. I’m a fan of both women, but I rooted for Paige to get the victory and she did. After the match, Summer Rae tried to once again sneak attack Paige, but Paige caught her and Summer backed away. The issues between these two women are far from settled. In the main event, NXT Tag Team Champion Adrian Neville went one-on-one with Luke Harper with the other members of The Wyatt Family in his corner. Thanks to some outside interference from the the other two members of The Wyatt Family, Luke Harper was able to get the victory. After the match, The Wyatt Family wasn’t done yet as they continued the attack on Neville. Fortunately, …

WWE NXT 3-13-13 Review

The first match of the night was between Derrick Bateman and Kassius Ohno. After Kassius got the victory, he continued to attack Bateman. This led to William Regal leaving the announce table and putting a stop to Ohno’s attack. Regal later apologized because he felt he was being unprofessional. In my opinion, he didn’t have to apologize for anything because someone had to put a stop Ohno’s attack. The next match was between Emma and Summer Rae. Now while I am a fan of both women’s looks, I am not a fan of either one of them personally, so it was great to see them beat the hell out of one another. However, since I hate Summer Rae more, I was rooting against her. Summer ended up getting the victory, but after the match was over, Paige came storming down to the ring to get a piece of Summer Rae, who injured her shoulder. But Summer Rae chickened out and high-tailed it out of the ring. It’s obvious that the score between these two is far from settled. Backstage, Renee Young interviewed NXT Tag Team Champion Adrian Neville to get an update on his NXT Tag Team Championship partner Oliver …

WWE NXT 3-6-13 Review

The show started with NXT Creative Director, General Manager, Commissioner, and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes announcing a triple-threat match between Bo Dallas, Corey Graves, and Conor O’Brian to determine the #1 contender to Big E Langston’s NXT Championship. To assure that The Shield would not get involved, Dusty had security all around the arena to prevent them from getting in. The first match was scheduled to be a non-title tag team match between NXT Tag Team Champions Adrian Neville and Oliver Gery against Judas Devlin & Scott Dawson. However, Oliver Grey was nowhere to be found, but Adrian Neville agreed to face his two opponents in a handicap match. Towards the end of the match, Oliver Grey was dragged out from backstage by The Wyatt Family, who apparently was responsible for Oliver’s absence. Regardless, Adrian still managed to get the victory by himself. Later in the show, there was a six-diva tag team match between the team of Sasha Banks and The Funkadactyls taking on the team of Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Audrey Marie, thus turning Alicia Fox heel (bad guy) in the process. Sasha and The Funkadactyls picked up the victory. Finally, in the main event triple-threat …