Did Stephanie McMahon Fall Victim to “Twin Magic”?

Stephanie McMahon Arrested


This past Monday on Raw, Stephanie McMahon slapped former WWE Diva Brie Bella, who was in attendance in the front row of the crowd, and ended up having Stephanie arrested for aggravated battery in the process. After seeing these events take place, I am beginning to wonder if The Bellas (Nikki & Brie) had set this whole thing up.

The Surprise

First, during the Raw Pre-Show, it was learned that Nikki would be facing four other Divas in a 4-on-1 Handicap Match made by Stephanie, who has been putting Nikki in vulnerable positions out of spite for nearly a month now. This all started when her sister, Brie, stood up to Stephanie and quit WWE, followed by slapping Stephanie in the process. Prior to her 4-on-1 Handicap Match, Nikki had stated that she had a special surprise for Stephanie. As Nikki made her way to the ring for her match, Brie was spotted in the front row of the audience. Stephanie then came out and got into a confrontation with Brie, which led to Stephanie slapping Brie and getting arrested. My theory is that The Bellas were counting on Stephanie coming out and shoving their misfortunes down their throats. …

Two Successful Factions That featured Four Successful Superstars

fourhorsemen nwo-logo

What do Sting (the real Sting, not the fake Sting); Jeff Jarrett, Lex Luger and Curt Hennig all have in common? They were all, at one time or another, members of two of the most successful factions in wrestling history; The Four Horsemen and The New World Order (nWo). All four of these men have had Hall of Fame worthy careers. In addition to being a multi-time World Champion, Sting was the heart and soul of World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He has changed his looks over the years with his famous face paint and is a TNA Hall of Famer. Jeff Jarrett, who is also a multi-time World Champion, was one of the Co-Founders of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, along with his father Jerry Jarrett. Lex Luger is a multi-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and is famous for bodyslamming the 500-plus pound Yokozuna during his WWE tenure; he represented the United States of America against Yokozuna’s anti-American ways. The late, great Curt Hennig is a former AWA World Champion; he made a name for himself under his “Mr. Perfect” persona and is a WWE Hall of Famer. While only two of these four guys may be Hall of Famers, I …

We All Have an Alter Ego

The Three Faces of Foley

Throughout the history of wrestling, there have been many Superstars who have developed one alter ego or another. Some alter egos are very memorable, some not so much. Whether these alter egos were funny, bizarre, scary, sexy, etc., they were always entertaining. This would always leave fans wondering if that certain Superstar would show up as him/herself or as his/her alter ego. From Mick Foley to Cody Rhodes, here is the list of Superstars, in no particular order, who have led double or more lives throughout their careers.


Dustin Runnels/Dustin Rhodes – Goldust/The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust/Seven/Black Reign


Cody Rhodes – Stardust


Gregory Helms – The Hurricane


Stacy Keibler – Super Stacy


Molly Holly – Mighty Molly


Alissa Flash – Raisha Saeed


Eric Young – Super Eric


Jeff HardyWillow the Wisp/Itchweeed


Mick Foley – Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack


Terry Funk – Chainsaw Charlie


Chavo Guerrero – Kerwin White


Santino Marella – Santina Marella


Dusty Rhodes – The Midnight Rider


Hulk Hogan – Mr. America


Andre the Giant – Giant